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The Ivey Head Band

Crochet Pattern

Designer: Spirit’s Crochet

Date: 12/1/2022


The pattern is created from left to right.  The 1st Chain 1 or 2 is not counted as a stitch. The pattern can be adjusted height wise by increasing or decreasing the initial Foundation Single Crochet by two.  As written the headband will measure 5 ½ by 21 inches.


  1. Any medium weight yarn. I used 1 skein  Lion Brand Wool Ease.
  2. Size 4.5mm hook.
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle

Abbreviations and Stitches

  1. Chain – CH
  2. Double Crochet – DC
  3. Foundation Single Crochet – FSC.
  4. Third Loop Double Crochet – TLDC (See figure below)
  5. Third Loop Single Crochet – TLSC
  6. Half Double Crochet – HDC
  7. Single Crochet – SC
  8. Yarn Over  – YO
  9. Bobble Stitch – BS – *YO, insert hook in stitch, YO pull through stitch, YO pull through 2 loops* 4 times, pull through five loops on the hook.

Stitch Guage

4 x 4 inches = 14 FSC x 8 Rows


  1. CH2, 20 FSC, CH 2
  2. 1 DC in 1st stitch, skip stitch *BS, CH 1, skip stitch* repeat until 2 stitches remain, 1 DC in the last 2 stitches. CH 2 (8 BS)
  3. 1 DC in each stitch CH 2  (20 DC)
  4. DC in 1st stitch, TLDC in each stitch until 2 stitches remain, 1 DC in last 2 stitches, CH 1
  5. 1 SC in each stitch CH 2 (20 SC)
  6. Repeat Row 2 to 5 seven more times.
  7. Repeat Row 2 and 3 one more time. It should end with a row of DCs.
  8. Fold the headband where the inside is facing out.  Sew the ends together using the TLSC stitch.  This will allow for a seamless look when worn.
  9. Weave in the ends.


TLDC Example of the third Loop location

More Pictures

I hope you enjoyed this pattern.  If you have any issues or concerns, I can be reached at

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Please do not copy or resell this pattern. It is owned and copyrighted by Spirits Crochet aka Kimberly D. Jenkins

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  1. Such a cute headband!

    1. Thank you ❤️

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