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Pineapple-skirt-pattern 🍍

Pineapple lace skirt

I wrote this pattern a few months ago, my very first. The process was much harder than I thought.  I wanted to make sure I learned from other patterns I had bought and felt should have more details.  I also wanted to take the good from other great pattern writers.  Ensuring I included the correct guidelines, guages and details was imperative. My pattern had to be easy to read and follow. So i did my research.

After remaking the skirt several times, Pineapple-skirt-pattern , it was finally ready for testers.  I was excited when the testers found very few changes.  It was ready to be published.  I decided to list it on my Etsy page as well as Ravelry.  The sales in no means made me rich but I was pleased, not only with the sales but the good reviews.  I’m on my way to becoming a designer!!

I’m now working on my next pattern which will be published soon.  I was commissioned to make some little girl skirts and socks and decided to design my own.